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Roam 149

For two years, I worked with a small team to produce a game that can make running on a treadmill fun, and exciting. Here, we made compelling nature environments for you to run through, as the treadmill adjusts its elevation to be equivalent to the hills and crevices you run in game. This is the most immersive running game you have ever seen. Its currently open for business in NYC, you can find its Instagram page here: @Roam149nyc

The Hardware

Roam 149 is a location in NYC with an intimate gym experience, featuring a row of high-tech elevation treadmills. These treadmills have their own private booth and a large HDTV to fully immerse you in your running experience. The treadmill, using ray-casts in game, is able to read the elevation of any upcoming terrain, and reflect the changes on the running belt. This allows you to run uphill on the treadmill itself as you ascend a mountain in game. In addition, the machine has a    hands-free control scheme available using a built-in skeletal camera, taking away the need to interrupt your run by clicking through small prompts on a tiny panel to adjust speed. The software I worked on pairs with the hardware that the engineering team worked on.

Screenshot 2022-08-04 at 17-23-42 Roam149 Immersive Fitness Gym & VR Run Hike Club (_roam1

The Software

Roam 149's software was made in Unity 3D in its HD Render Pipeline. The software contains a bunch of varied nature maps, and a single marathon map. In addition, the software accurately displays your run distance, heart rate, climb, and other run data that helps any runner know exactly what they are getting out of their workout. I played a major hand in the set up of the UI, map creation & design, set up for most systems, and mechanic design.


The Levels

In-game we have many levels, from a forest, a track field, and a to-scale map of the New York City Marathon. This marathon map has accurate elevation using satellite map data to ensure the run is true to life. Most of my work on this project was spent here, creating high quality maps, full of detail for a runner to enjoy while they explore our digital world.


The Patent

This is a patent for the novel system that we have created. On page 1, section (72), you can find my name listed with the other inventors of this product.

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