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A collaborative Soundtrack done with my friend "Deadman Dustler" for the soundtrack to a virtual world as part of the Metaverse Makers Competition on the NeosVR platform. The daytime tracks were all done by me, and the night time remixes and organ pieces were done by him. I think this showcases my own improvements in composition since my Album Headspace.


A compilation of original music tracks set to games & footage from other sources to showcase my work. All of the tracks shown here, and more are available on my YouTube and Bandcamp page, all featured on my album Headspace.


HeadSpace is my first completed music album, showcasing various songs I wrote, mixed, and produced. It's a variety album that covers the wide breadth of thoughts that go through a person's mind while daydreaming.

This Album was a big learning experience for me. I intentionally wanted to cover a wide range of genres to flex my abilities, and take myself outside of my comfort zone. I learned a lot about what works, what doesn't, and even redid entire songs just to get them sounding more how I wanted them to. There is more that goes into a song past composition, and I learned that through my year spent on these 15 tracks. A few of these tracks were used in other projects I worked on, including Bullet No Bullet and Syntherapy.

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