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Above is a compilation of various Games I have done Lead Design and Level Design work for. This reel includes Starbot Showdown, a large multiplayer Bomberman-inspired game I made in college, Bullet No Bullet, a top down Shoot 'Em Up I made, a mini-game collection prototype I worked on, and an immersive workout experience for treadmills. You can find more information on Starbot Showdown, Bullet No Bullet and Fish Game below, while Roam 149 has its own page.


I worked on Bullet No Bullet as the main Game Designer, Primary Coder for about half of the Project, and main Sound Designer for the entire project. This was a game worked on by a small team, about 5 of us as we put together a shoot-em-Up without a gun.

The biggest challenge of this project for me, was getting the scope to a reasonable level to complete within the allotted time limit. We had to scale mechanics to be workable and with time to be tested, and in the end we made a game we were ultimately very proud of.


This project was one of the larger teams I've been a part of. About 30 of us with 4 and a half months to make a multiplayer, competitive game themed around a College campus. I was the lead of the Game Design Team, managing level designs, designing one entirely from scratch, and ensuring the needs of the entire team were being met by the other subteams respectively. The biggest challenge was making sure all the pieces ran smoothly, and that everyone was communicating what they needed to do a job well done.


Fish Game is a prototype I lovingly put together during the global pandemic, a WarioWare-inspired mini-game collection meant to keep the player on their toes. The biggest challenge with this project, was just covering all my bases, working on it entirely on my own without any aid, input, or artistic skills. But doing the final round of testing where my game worked well, and had a cohesively goofy art style made me feel good about what I was able to accomplish with what I brought to the table.

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