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Alexander Metzger
Game and Audio Designer


My name is Alexander Metzger, I am currently working as a Game Designer, Writer, Combat Designer, and Scenario Designer for Reanimated Digital. I have a BFA in Game Design, along with experience in Unity, Unreal, Wwise, and various DAWs. Below you can find an overview of my portfolio that highlights my work in both Game Design and Audio, excluding my work under NDA.




Syntherapy is a fully voice-acted visual novel about mental health. It revolves around a therapist and a mental health robot/therapist who needs to speak through their own complex emotions.

I worked on the audio for this game including all voice line editing, balancing, and I wrote two songs for its soundtrack. You can find Syntherapy on Steam for purchase and view the game trailer on this page.



Reanimated Digital Project

The game I am currently working on is part of an NDA protected project that I am very excited to share in the future once it is ready for public viewing.


ROAM 149

For two years, I worked with a small team to produce a game that can make running on a treadmill fun, and exciting. Here, we made compelling nature environments for you to run through, as the treadmill adjusts its elevation to be equivalent to the hills and crevices you run in game. This is the most immersive running game you have ever seen. Its currently open for business in NYC, you can find its Instagram page here: @Roam149nyc

Screenshot 2022-08-04 at 17-23-42 Roam149 Immersive Fitness Gym & VR Run Hike Club (_roam1



HeadSpace is my first completed music album, showcasing various songs I wrote, mixed, and produced. It's a variety album that covers the wide breadth of thoughts that go through a person's mind while daydreaming. From grand adventures, to mysteries, to even the slower moments of life, this album gives you a moment to lose yourself in your own headspace.

You can find the album on YouTube, and Bandcamp.

FINAL Headspace Album Art.png


Fish Game (Prototype)

Fish Game is a prototype I lovingly put together during the global pandemic, a WarioWare-inspired mini-game collection meant to keep the player on their toes. Players comple challenges with the hope of catching the big fish! This was a fun way for me to develop various rules and unique games including many different types of animation systems in-game, building to a DDR-style mini-game. The diversity of the gameplay I worked on made Fish Game a very gratifying solo project.

You can download it for free on



Bullet/No Bullet

Bullet/No Bullet is a top-down Shoot 'Em Up with a twist: you don't have a way to shoot enemies. Instead, you must rely on melee combat, getting in close, and slashing enemies to clear stages. By narrowly grazing bullets, you can fill up a meter that allows you to slow down time, making it easier to perform tighter dodges, and make faster approaches to take care of the meddlesome enemies standing in your way to reach the end of the game.

I worked on the code, mechanic design, and music for this project. This game was the final Capstone for my Game Design Degree at George Mason. While the game is not available to download, you can watch the trailer here.

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